Drew Landram

Arizona Rentals

Contact: (602) 738-8008
Application: Click Here (having trouble opening click here)

To apply download application, only if legally married use the married application, otherwise use the single application then fax to 360-786-8226

Bad Credit is not a problem nor is a criminal record. Foreclosure or bad credit card debt will not keep you from being eligible to rent one of these homes. We will look at income and income verification as well as how long you have had your job and or income source. As far as the criminal history—drug charges and or recent felonies will be a problem but we will look at all issues to determine your eligibility score.


Rent to Buy Form: Click Here

All of our homes are rented with a 2 year option to buy, crediting $150/month of rent payment toward purchase, if completed. The following is the form which will be used.  The sales price for each is listed by each home.  The home will not be offered for sale to others while you are in tenancy.

Section 8 Welcome. 

There is a $50 application fee to apply.

*A current problem has been the threat of foreclosure and lose of tenancy. We own these homes so that will NOT occur. *


I hope that one of these homes will work for you and your family—please contact me at 602-738-8008 for application details. Thanks, Drew